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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some aspects of External Hordeolum or Stye with homoeopathic mode of treatment -

External hordeolum or stye is a focal, acute inflammation of the follicle of an eyelash including the glands of Zeis or Moll, usually ending in suppuration.

Causative agent- Staphylococcus.

Associated Conditions- It may be associated with blepharitis, rosacea or seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Associated factors- It may be associated with uncorrected errors of refraction as well as some metabolic factors like diabetes mellitus, debility & excessive intake of carbohydrate.

Age- It may occur at any age, but more common in adults than in children.

Symptoms- Acute pain in the lid margin with a sense of heaviness & heat.

(1) A single or multiple swellings at the margin of the affected lid pointing anteriorly through the skin.
(2) Marked tenderness at the point of inflammation on the lid margin.
(3) Swelling, redness & marked oedema of the affected lid as a whole.
(4) Congestion of the neighbouring conjunctiva which may be chemotic.
(5) Enlargement of the corresponding pre-auricular lymph glands.
(6) Finally appearance of a white pus point on the lid margin at the base of a cilium which indicates suppuration.

Course- If not treated, the pus point may burst outside & consequently the pain and swelling subsides.

Complications- Usually none but very rarely the inflammation may spread producing cellulitis of the orbital tissue.

(1) Lid hygiene should be properly maintained.
(2) Blood sugar should be controlled in case of diabetes mellitus.
(3) Refractive errors, if any, should be corrected with proper glasses (spectacles) or contact lens.
(4) General health of the patient should be improved with good nutrition and vitamins.
(5) Hot fomentation should be applied on the lid to hasten suppuration.
(6) If the pus points on the skin of the lid, the pus should be drained by pulling out the affected eyelash.
(7) Homoeopathy plays a good role in its treatment. Of the different medicines, constitutional medicine is Graph (Graphites) 200 for fair, fatty, flabby patients. General medicine is Staphysagria 200 twice daily. If there is severe pain, Hepar Sulph (Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum) 30 should be added with it till the pain persists in a dose of four times daily. If there is stitching pain, Silicea 200 should be added with the general medicine till the persistence of the pain. General medicine should be continued till the subsidence of stye and also for another two weeks.

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IN SHORT- Stye is manifested as a single or multiple swellings at the margin of the eyelid with marked tenderness along with swelling, redness & oedema of the affected lid as a whole. Treatment is followed as mentioned above.

But in every case a doctor should be consulted.

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